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Check out some of these HOT PICK products that will be at the Home Show:

Asko Black Steel

Jones Family Business | Stand 145

ASKO’s brand new Black Steel appliances are inspired by a never-ending midsummer sun and the sea on a cloudy day in Scandinavia. Add dimension and difference with this unique aesthetic, and set yourself apart from outdated styles with black steel’s visual sympathy of sober yet shimmering colour and it’s unmistakably exclusive and elite feel.

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Smart Grass | Stand 178

Want to improve your environmental footprint this summer? New Earth Series SMARTGRASS is the first and only 100% recyclable synthetic grass. You’ll love how SMARTGRASS now looks and feels real!

SMARTGRASS takes quality and sustainability seriously. Our Earth Series range is better for the planet: no more weekends wasted with your petrol-powered mower, no more nasty weedkillers and pesticides. Forget about moss, weeds and irrigating - you’ll also save our planet millions of litres of water! Children and pets will love the all weather backyard, which drains 5x faster than your old lawn. What's more, decades down the track it can be easily recycled.

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Euro Range - Glazed Bricks

Midland Brick NZ | Stand 63

New, Stylish and modern our high-gloss Metallic Black and softly glazed White Glaze bricks.
Are designed to complement contemporary architectural trends. An ideal choice for feature walls and internal face brick walls, they exude a high-end look with minimal outlay. These bricks make any dream home a standout.

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Underfloor Cooling

warmth. | Stand 5

We at Warmth.nz have made the underfloor cooling function available in Canterbury. This new and improved function can keep your home warm in the winter and now cool in the summer with just a flick of a switch.
FREE! Yes, it’s FREE for the first FIVE early birds who are choosing underfloor heating for their new home. We would design and install the heat pump radiant cooling function for FREE!

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