Looking for a Tiny House, your new holiday cottage, setting up an on-site office, or converting a truck to a Tiny Home?
Tiny houses are many things to many people. For young people, it’s a beacon of hope in an over-inflated housing market. For those wanting to downsize, it’s to live a simpler life. For entrepreneurs, its earning extra rental income. With the speed that modern life spins, having your own orbit at home has never been more important.
NZ Tiny Living is the New Zealand Tiny Home company that offers you a wide range of building options and provides an affordable solution for simplified, comfortable living.
At NZ Tiny Living we actively seek solutions to the key problems facing this new Tiny Home industry. Providing land to rent for Tiny Homes, specially designed solar and water trailers, Off Grid solutions all round and even delivery nationwide. We have the solutions for you!
Take this opportunity and visit our site at the Show to walk through our Tiny House and meet our team.

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